Some more pics of the albums

As promised, here are some more pictures of the albums I made. Hope you'll like them!

1. Wedding album

2. Baptism album

I am back

My oh my... I cannot believe it has been half a year since I last added some news to my blog. I will try to keep it more up to date in 2009 (aren't New Year's resolutions a good thing???)!

Well, the last time I posted I was working on that wedding newspaper for my sister-in-law. And yes, we finished it in time. Or maybe I should say "just in time" as the printer broke two days before the wedding and we had to spend one entire day in Markus's office to print everything there? So the newspaper was black-and-white rather than in colour but at least we got it done. And the colour prints we still needed for the bridal couple and parents we printed the night before the wedding, in out hotel room in Brussels. Yes, that's what I call "just in time"! Anyway, we managed and we were very proud of the result. Unfortunately I cannot upload it, at least I do not know how I could do that as it is a pdf document.

THe time before Christmas I was overly busy at work (what's news there) and usually too tired to write letters, update my blog or do any crafts. In November then I started working on my Christmas projects, 4 self-made scrapbooks for my sister and sister-in-law. The books were words (the names of her children for my sister, and a wedding and baptism one for my sis-in-law), and as usual I totally underestimated the work load. Markus and I cut chipboard, painted it white, covbered it with paper, bound it together, put in photos, decorated them - it was a real task but I think the albums were a succes. Here are two photos of them - more photos will follow later, as I first want to have breakfast now!

wedding album ("Hochzeit")

baptism album ("Taufe")

As I was running so late again, I did not get a chance to take photos of the albums I made for my sister. but she promised she would do that for me and send me pics.


Okay, had to delete it

Oops... My husband is mad at me now! He said something about data security and protection of privacy and how on earth I could add the pic of the first wedding page and and and. He really is p*****! So I better take the pic out. Sorry for that girls! But I will find a way of adding it, maybe protected by a password.

Sorry for the Silence

Boy, I cannot believe it has been more than two weeks since I last posted. Work kept me extremely busy the past weeks, and when I got home spent every free minute in front of the laptop screen, working on a "wedding newspaper" I am making for my sister-in-law's wedding. But I also had some nice mail in the past two weeks which I want to share with you:

* a Deco via a group swap plus a few extras

* an FB group swap by my dear Finish Swapper

* a lovely Deco group swap

* a deco homer!

* a belated birthday present by my dear Dutch pal - thanks so much sweety!

* and 4 lovely private swaps from the Netherlands (2x), Finland and Germany

I will swap back soon, girls - but the wedding paper has top priority right now!


Crafty again - finally

I really enjoyed this weekend! The weather was okay but not too hot so I could spend time under the roof in my craft room. Markus was warned and did not complain too much about me not being around when he took over the household. I just HAD TO craft!

Here are some examples of what I did this weekend. In total, I finished 1 Art Deco and 27 FBs (or more even, I am too lazy to count them now).

* my Heart/ Love Deco:

* a selection of the FBS I made:

It really felt good to be crafty again! I also finally printed out labels and signed all the FB swaps I received lately. So whoever is waiting for a private swap from me - it will be with you soon!